« The voice is pure, clear and has an evident charm(…). Ask (« love ») offers an oriental pop open to jazz (…) with a touch of soft and mischievous fantasy. » Le Monde_29thJanuary 2016

« And everywhere, her voice comes naturally in a curious blend of strength and fragility. » Le Nouvel Obs_28th January 2016

« A clear voice that masters technical flights of lyrical chant (…) Her Ottoman jazz is stylish and charming. » Télérama Sortir_January 2016

« The voice coats the sounds of oud, drums and saxophone like a honey flow, with a modernity full of drive »La Croix _6th February 2016

« We taste the oriental charms, the strange beauty of Turkish chants tinted with Anatolians traditional accents, and a unrestrained jazz. » L’Alsace_25th January 2016

« A mix of musical genres which breaks the conventional image of Eastern music » LNO_7th January 2016

« The young Kurdish singer releases « Ask », an album where traditional melodies from Anatolia are turned into a very modern and lyrical mix of jazz and pop music. » FIP Radio_26th January 2016

« This rich rainbow, with Orient’s soft flares, enlights Ask of singular shimmering lights. » L’Humanité_5th February 2016

« The powerful and clear voice of the singer imposes a style that gently blends oriental tastes with harmonic richness of the music with blue notes. » Nouvelle Vague_ 21th January 2016

« This album is dotted of nice lyrical flights, mingled to Eastern rythms, rewarded by jazz improvisation, the result driven by the virtuosity and the power of the young Anatolienne woman’s voice. » Sud Plateau Tv_January 2016




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